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Staying Positive

While it's all good and well keeping on top of your workload during times like these it's important to stay on top of your mental health too.

If you are like me, you cannot stay still for nearly five minutes, always have to be doing something and get cabin fever even at the thought of staying in for a day! Well, it's now been nearly three weeks since I have left the house to do something that isn't walking the dog or a food shop. Even the thought of visiting Tesco excites me now. While it's an uphill battle to stay positive at times like these, here are my tips and tricks to how I stay busy.

1. Make your bed in the morning. I mean AS SOON as you get out of it, it stops me from getting back in throughout the day and making me unproductive.

2. Take your time doing things. Appreciate the action for what it is, we have as much time as we need. No more rushing!

3. Make nice meals or bake. Something like a hearty pie takes a while to prep and cook so it's nice to fill your time with something you may rush to do on a regular work/uni evening. Or use the bananas going brown in the fruit bowl to make a simple banana bread.

4. Get fresh air and sun (If not raining). Go for a jog or run. Walk the dog. Sit in the garden or even as simple as opening your window to catch some refreshing breeze.

5. Catch up on the series that you been meaning to watch for months! Which is usually a nice night time activity to unwind. Netflix and the sofa is waiting for you...

6. Paint your nails a pretty colour. Try patterns, polka dots? Stripes?

7. Make a new playlist. Old school bangers from when you were 13 or the bops that you're loving in the charts right now? Either way they're great for dancing in the kitchen when that banana bread is baking.

8. ORGANISE! I'm the queen of clean so when I'm not hoovering or polishing, I'm looking for a new cupboard to reorganise or rifling through my collection of clothes to fish out things to list on Depop or to put in charity bags.

9. Pick up a book. Sounds cliche but once you've got your nose stuck in a super good one and can't stop reading- next thing you know a day has gone by.

10. Okay, maybe actually do some uni work.

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