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Life Update

So, I guess you're wondering what Lauren Kate Design Co. is and where my personal portfolio website has gone? Well, due to lockdown I decided to wipe the dust off my old beloved sewing machine. I then decided that I was going to follow the trend of the year and teach myself to shirr fabric. I made myself a gingham dress and now it turns out that I'm selling them? Life really does open some strange doors for you when other ones close.

I genuinely thought I would never touch a sewing machine again however, finding employment after graduating in June is becoming more and more of an issue for me. The reality of it is, I've been turned from the likes of call centers to supermarkets- finding a design job right now isn't even an option without having to move across the country during a pandemic. But now, I find myself opening an online store. Never did I ever think that I would even consider making garments for others, let alone myself. All those years of sewing in school, year 7 to a-levels really has come in handy.

So here I am, unemployed but starting the beginnings of an online store and retailing?

Lets see how the rest of 2020 goes!

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