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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an order?

To make an order, simply head over to the "Etsy Shop" section of this website or you can find me at

What's your sizing guide?

A standard UK Women's size guide is available on the Etsy listings, from size 6-20. However if you would like your garment in a larger size than 20 or made to your exact measurements please select the "Custom Size" option and leave your bust measurements (and bicep circumference if the garment has sleeves) in the personalisation box when checking out the item on Etsy.

What measurements do you need from me?

If you are having your garment made to a custom size, all I need is your bust measurement at the largest part of your bust (and bicep circumference if the garment has sleeves).

Can I customise the garment?

All garments are fully customisable. You can add sleeves, get rid of straps, make a dress longer into a maxi dress if you so wish or shorter into a mini. This is at a small extra cost to cover the fabric used and time taken. 

Can I change the fabric?

Yes, as long as we have another garment already in that fabric. If you'd like your garment in a different fabric from another dress or top please leave a message of which one in the personalisation box. If you would like one of the dresses or tops in a fabric that I do not stock, please email or message me on Etsy and I will get back to you with a quote.

Where do you ship to?


How long should my garment take to make?

Ideally 2-4 weeks, it really depends on how many sales I've had that week. If you need your garment ASAP or for a special occasion with a date in mind, please leave a note in the personalisation section so that I can push your order forward and prioritise it. 

How do I make a return?

Sadly, we do not take any returns. My business model is based on being made to order in order to maintain low waste and hold no stock. So when ordering your garment or accessory please thoroughly read the listings and double check your measurements against our size guide if your item has a size. If you are unsure of your size, please do not hesitate to contact me!

My item doesn't fit properly and I can't return it - can you alter it or make changes?

Yes, of course! Although most garments should fit seamlessly as they can be made to your exact measurements, sometimes they just "don't look right" on. To ensure the item doesn't go to waste and that you feel comfortable wearing it, I am more than happy for you to return it to have changes made; all I ask is that you cover the postage expenses as I already offer free postage with the initial delivery.

These changes can be anything from skirt length, making the bodice smaller and many other options. However it's harder to make garments bigger, so I always suggest you order a larger size and if it does not fit upon arrival, have it altered smaller.

How do I care for my LKDC garment?

It is recommended that you carefully hand wash your Lauren Kate Design Co. garment by hand in lukewarm water with your washing detergent of choice.

How is the brand sustainable and ethical?

Firstly, the patterns that I have adapted for my garments are no waste. This means that they're often cut out in blocks and straight lines. If there is any amounts of waste at the end of a roll, from garment samples or pieces that have gone wrong- I offer handmade face coverings, totes and makeup bags that are made from the scraps to ensure that nothing goes to waste.

Secondly, all garments are made by me and only me in my home in Wales. Everything is made to order so there is no waste stock being held by me waiting to be sold. I do not outsource anything or have any other seamstresses at this moment in time.


I also source all fabric from British companies, they are often small online retailers and some do have physical stores too- this means none of your garment fabrics come from super big money grabbing companies which don't share the same values as me.

Lastly all packaging that LKDC garments are sent out in are recycle-able cardboard boxes and taped up with recycle-able brown paper tape. All stickers, wrapping papers and note slips are also recycle-able too. Swing tags on garments are usually attached with left over shirring elastic or neatened fabric scraps.

If you are sustainable then why don't you use 100% cotton?

I currently use poly cotton as my main fabric as I like to keep my garments as low cost as possible, this allows sustainably and ethically made garments to be more accessible to people with a lower income. I now offer a 100% cotton upgrade listing on Etsy, so just pop the listing in your basket along with the item you would like and it will be made for you in 100% cotton instead of poly cotton.


Is your question not answered here? Drop me an email and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

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